My First 500 Words Children’s Dictionary – eBook version

$5.95 (excl GST)

This bright and clear full-colour new Children’s Dictionary introduces early primary school children to the correct spelling and meaning of words they most frequently encounter when learning to read and write. It contains:

  • The 500 high frequency words used in easy-to-read sentences
  • Word bank for building vocabulary
  • Days of the week
  • Months and seasons of the year
  • Common colour and shape words
  • Number words from 0 to 20
  • Words with opposite meanings (open – close)

How does this dictionary help students learn?

  • Each word is shown in large coloured font to help them find the right word fast.
  • Each word is used in easy-to-read sentences to demonstrate their various meanings (My dad uses a saw to cut wood’ and ‘I saw a fox cross the road’).
  • Where words are pronounced the same but spelt differently (threw and through), each word is also used in example sentences to help children learn these differences.
  • All variations of the word are shown (carrycarries, carried, carrying) to help young readers choose the right word and spell it correctly.

An A-Z index on every page helps children find words quickly.
Colourful illustrations and photos provide extra support and visual stimulation.

The compact size of this book makes it an ideal resource for each child in the classroom.

Which students can use this exercise book?

  • All early primary school children from age 5 upwards (target audience is kindergarten to year 2).
  • English as Second Language (ESL) and Stage 2 & 3 Support Teacher Learning (STL) students


“What a fantastic resource for early learners and special needs children. The alphabet down the side of each page is excellent as many children don’t know their alphabet or how a dictionary is set out”. Special Needs Teacher, Canberra.

“What a fantastic resource for use by young children at home and at school. It will really help them learn to read and write”. Infant School Teacher, Canberra.

“I love the easy to read example sentences. They will really help my students learn how to spell and apply the most commonly used words when writing”. Year 1 Primary School Teacher, New South Wales.

“My daughter constantly asks me whether you spell words such as “won”, and “one” the same. Now I can tell her to look up her new dictionary and tell me!”. Year 2 parent, Canberra.


Tiki B. Pereira




Bindaree Publishing


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Publication date

August 2018