Assignment & Research Skills Handbook – eBook version

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This clear and concise Skills Handbook is aimed at helping students to plan, research and complete their school assignments and projects. It is structured to show students how to:

  • Read their assignment and define exactly what they have been asked to do.
  • Break down their assignment or task into smaller and more manageable ‘chunks’ and then create a work plan to complete all work by the due date.
  • Create a logical structure to their assignments.
  • Develop good research skills.
  • Keep an accurate record of all resources used and how to write a bibliography.
  • Turn their draft into a polished final version.
  • Become more organised and less stressed.


  • Developed to support late primary and all secondary students, this Skills Handbook is an ideal resource for use by students of all ages at home and at school.


The information and strategies included in this handbook would be really useful for kids, particularly the target group. School Principal, NSW.

The skills of research and planning long-term assignments are difficult for early secondary schoolers – it is something we do not do enough of in school. This is a very valuable tool!. School Teacher, NSW.

I have a son in Year 8 who spends so much time reading irrelevant research. This guide would have really helped him at the start of secondary school. Parent, Queanbeyan, NSW.

If I work through this guide step-by-step, I really think it will help me stay on track for my school assignments. Student, NSW.


Angie Wilcock


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Bindaree Publishing

Publication date

August 2018